Sarvesh – Concreet Floors


Spray Coat is a ready to use, co-polymer modified resurfacing compound especially formulated to bond to almost any pours concrete surface. Due to its high strength and easy workability, Spray Coat is perfect to repair rain damaged slabs, scaling or dusting concrete, low spots, chipped or damaged steps and curbs as well as facing foundations. Spray Coat can be applied from a feather edge up to 1/2” thick. Spray Coat can be broom, sprayed or trowel finished. Spray-down concrete systems offer a wide array of finish options. Usually they are sprayed evenly onto concrete with an air-powered hopper gun, but they can also be applied as a splatter coat to create a textured, slip-resistant surface or "knocked down" with a trowel to create a smoother finish. This system incorporates a cement modified coloured mortar. It can be patterned using stencils or filament tape over existing strong, stable and leveled concrete surface. It is versatile and easy to apply. They are very similar to Microtopping in that they are thin, but differ in that they usually contain more sand and provide a rougher, slip resistant & grittier finish.