Sarvesh – Concreet Floors


Concrete flooring can also be dyed to give it your preferred color. In this kitchen, the concrete floor has been dyed with a solid brown, water-based coloring agent. This has created a rich, smooth finish that is uniform across the entire floor. Unlike acid-staining, the dye does not cause a chemical reaction with the concrete. Instead, it simply penetrates the surface to add color. Therefore, the results are much more predictable than with acid-staining. However, depending on the color you choose, sometimes a dyed concrete floor can be a little harsh because there isn't a lot of color variation to create softness and movement. So one excellent option to mute the floor a bit is to add a neutral area rug. This helps to create contrast and add a softer texture in the space. Plus, adding a rug to your concrete flooring is a good idea regardless of the finish you choose, as concrete tends to be rather hard and cold.